Precious Dreams

Letícia Conick, São Paulo,Brasil, 16 .
Quem disse que algo é impossível?! Eles esquecem que o mundo continua a girar. E a cada novo dia sinto que as mudanças podem chegar...

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mostly nature


mostly nature

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Twin: Geishas Graffiti by HUSH

Hush returns to Los Angeles with a new collection of work reflecting his unique blend of street and cross-cultural aesthetics. Playing primarily with the idea of duality, the exhibition is a carefully calibrated experience of Twin paintings—15 mixed-media woks on canvas. Using the symbolic subject matter of the female form, Hush has produced a large-scale installation in which the gallery walls capture the essence of “action painting” and “pure expressionism” along with traditional elements of fine art.

As a body of work, TWIN explores the nature of duality. By varying his approach to the same image, Hush exposes nature’s inherent polarity. The juxtaposition of light and dark reveals the complexity of conflict and unity—and dichotomies present within the human ego. TWIN is a fascinating confrontation and debate on common conceptions of power, innocence, beauty and sexuality. The collection also represents the blending of the street art aesthetic- as simultaneously destructive and beautiful.

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Untitled by Michellisphoto

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